About Us:

Cruisin' Arizona History
Cruisin' Arizona had its beginning in 1999 in order to provide an event schedule of Car Shows and Automotive Events across the State of Arizona.

As Car Show Enthusiasts ourselves, we found it very difficult to know when Car Shows were being held. The only information exchanged were flyers collected or handed out at Car Shows. So, we began gathering information and organizing our own event schedule, but over time we realized the importance of sharing this information with other automotive enthusiasts and Cruisin' Arizona was born.

As our Website gained popularity, it has become the premier site to find the most comprehensive event calendar for Arizona. Cruisin' Arizona has always been a free public service and thanks to our Sponsors and Car Clubs who purchase paid advertising, Cruisin' Arizona is able to continue to provide the most up-to-date information on Car Shows and Automotive Events.

We are very proud that Cruisin' Arizona is read monthly by thousands of enthusiasts and we are very happy to be part of the trip down memory lane along with the fun and enjoyment it brings to so many.

Let the "Good Times Roll"

Cruisin' Arizona's primary goal is to provide a website free of clutter and advertisements. By having Cruisin' Arizona lean and trim makes it possible to move from page to page quickly and easily. Our Website attempts to provide a forum much like the time in our lives, when life was simple and enjoyable.

Again, we must thank our Sponsors, Car Clubs and Individuals that support our Website with paid advertising. This allows Cruisin' Arizona to maintain its goal for usefullness, simplicity and enjoyment.

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